On Saturday 12 September 1908 the long-awaited building was opened.  The formal opening ceremony was performed by Mrs J D James, Mount Pleasant Shop, Ebbw Vale, at 6.30 pm, followed by a public meeting, presided over by Mr E J Bryant, Waunlwyd, and assisted by Mr Arthur Amos, Ebbw Vale.  Speakers were Rev John Rees, Abercarn, and representatives from churches in the town.

On Sunday 13 September the pulpit was occupied by Rev John Rees, Abercarn, and on Monday 14 September by Rev D J Nicholas, BD, Pontypool, both in the afternoon and evening; on Sunday 20 September by Rev W Joseph, MA, BD, Bristol and on

Monday 21 September by Rev A W Anderson, BA, Newport.

During the two and a half years that had elapsed since the proposed formation of the church, much hard work had been done by the Deacons and Members under circumstances that were far from favourable. However, through the help and grace of God, an appropriate and comfortable building had been erected, which, it was hoped, would go a long way toward meeting the spiritual needs of the ever-increasing population residing in the vicinity.

At the opening, the total indebtedness of the church was £1981.  Congratulations were expressed to the builder, Mr D J Vaughan, and the Architect, Mr Henry Waters, who had supervised the work, for the handsome design of both the interior and exterior of the building.

On Sunday evening, 9 April 1911, a special meeting was convened to consider the advisability of extending a call to the pastorate to Mr John Penry Thomas of the Memorial College, Brecon.  It was unanimously agreed to forward the call forthwith and after prayerful consideration, the call was accepted.

The Ordination Services were held on Monday 24 July 1911.  The morning 10.30 am service was conducted by the Rev Principal T Lewis MA BD of the Memorial College, Brecon, with Rev J W Davies of Brynmawr presiding.  At 2.30 pm the Ordination took place with Rev W Silas Charles of Tabernacle Church, Ebbw Vale, as president.  The Revs C Tawelfryn Thomas, Groeswen, J Caradoc Owen, ATS, Libanus Church, Ebbw Vale, T Tudor Evans, Saron Church, Ebbw Vale, and others took part.  There was a public meeting at 6.30 pm with the Principal of Memorial College, Brecon, T Lewis, and the Revs Thomas Jones, Senghenydd, John Rees, Abercarn, Evan Price of Penuel Church, Ebbw Vale, and others being involved in the service.

John Penry Thomas ministered at West End until November 1915, when he accepted a call to the pastorate of Star Street Congregational Church, Cardiff.  During the four and a half years at West End his ministry had proved a successful one.  Membership had increased from one hundred and forty seven to one hundred and ninety five, and the Sunday School numbered two hundred and twenty.  A public meeting was held on Monday evening, 29 November 1915, to wish him God Speed in his new sphere of labour.  Presentations were made to Mr and Mrs Thomas and among those bidding him farewell were ministers from the various churches in Ebbw Vale.

Mr Thomas’ contact with the church was maintained and on 17 May 1917 he officiated at the Civic Reception held at West End of Councillor George Davies, who became the Chairman of the Ebbw Vale Urban District Council.

On 7 December 1919 the Rev Frank Jones from North Wales was appointed to a temporary pastorate at the church.  This terminated on 27 June 1920, when he left to take up an appointment in the USA.  During his ministry he attracted large congregations.

Mr Emrys Edwards of Carmarthen College accepted a temporary pastorate from         July 1923 until 31 December 1923.  During his short ministry he accomplished much within the church.

The church was always aware of the need for the consistent oversight of a minister, and so on 11 January 1925 it agreed to extend a call to Mr James Craig of the Memorial College, Brecon.  The call was accepted, and the Ordination Service was held on Monday 7 July 1925.  Those taking part were the Rev David Walters of Bristol, who was the Moderator, Principal T Lewis of Brecon, Rev Frank Surman and                                   Rev John Penry Thomas.

Mr Craig’s ministry was a very successful one.  He was a strong character and full of the grace of God.  He entered into the spiritual duties of the church with great zeal and enthusiasm and brought new life and loyalty to all the organisations of the church.  He continued his ministry for about two years, when he decided to dedicate his life to the Mission field in Johannesburg, South Africa.

At a Church Meeting held on14 May 1928, it was resolved to invite Mr Emrys Hughes, a student of the Theological College at Carmarthen, to a Summer pastorate.  He accepted and commenced his duties on 1 July 1928.

On 22 July 1928 a licence was obtained for the solemnisation of marriages at the church, and the first wedding to take place was that of Mr and Mrs Ray Davies.  Mrs Davies, who later became known affectionately as “Mrs Davies White Hair”, celebrated her 100th birthday in 2005 at the Red Rose Nursing Home in Ebbw Vale.

Such was the popularity of Mr Hughes that on Sunday evening 29 July 1928 he was invited to accept the permanent pastorate of the church, which he readily did.  The Recognition Service was held on Monday 8 October 1928 and conducted by the          Rev D Walters, Moderator, assisted by the Revs T George, Tredegar, Cadvan Jones of Libanus Church, Ebbw Vale, and John Penry Thomas, Cardiff.

On 15 December 1929 a Trust Deed of the church was drawn up, naming as Trustees: Hiram Jones, Thomas Maylor, Thomas Lewis, Fred Bradshaw, Daniel Jones, J H Neagle, Fred Martin and William Irving Davies.

11 May 1930 saw the resignation of Hiram Jones as Precentor for twenty four years and the appointment of Thomas Lewis as his successor.  

Mr Emrys Hughes’ pastorate ended on 31 August 1930.  His ministry and been successful especially among the young people.  He had organised a very creditable Dramatic Society amongst other activities.

The church had always been well served by the Memorial College of Brecon, and once more it sought a pastor from amongst the students.  On Sunday 13 April 1936 it was unanimously agreed to extend a call to Mr E H Owens, which he accepted.

The Ordination Services took place on Monday 13 July 1936.  The president was the Moderator, Rev Gwilym Rees, and the those participating were the Principal of Brecon College, T Lewis, the Revs Clifford Bevan of Carmel Church, Ebbw Vale, Arthur Jones MA, Brecon, Emrys Hughes, Cwm, T J Joseph of Tabernacle Church, Ebbw Vale, Cadvan Jones, BA BD M Litt of Libanus Church, Ebbw Vale, and John Penry Thomas of Cardiff.

In October 1936 a draft Constitution regulating the church was formulated by a select committee and accepted later ‘in toto’ by the church.  

Mr Owens resigned in June 1938 to take up a pastorate at Ivor Church, Dowlais. He had ministered at the church during one of the worst periods in its history.  The district had witnessed much unemployment and subsequently many families had been forced to leave the church and the area in search of employment.  However, in spite of many difficulties, he had maintained a lively interest in all the services, which was of a high standard of loyalty and devotion.