In 1966 a close friend of mine since the age of 4 was killed in a car crash on the M5.  Chris like me enjoyed driving fast, he hit  some ice at 105 miles an hour and was killed outright. It made me ask the question what is life all about.  I was brought up to go to Anglican Church where I had been very active.  However there was something missing, where was the reality of knowing where I would spend eternity.  For the next 8 years I tried to find the answer without success, little did I know that someone who I used to wave to as I was going to work each day would open my eyes and allow me to find the one person in the world who would answer all my questions.  In 1973 in after Church in Ebbw Vale I heard someone make a call for people to come forward and give their lives to Jesus.  Someone came forward and decided to follow Christ.  This made me think further, my girlfriend (who was a born again Christian) had given me a little booklet called the "Little Green Book" by Victory Tract. In that it showed what someone had to do to ask Jesus Christ into their lives. A week later at 12 midnight I asked Jesus that question and a light appeared in the room and the voice said I have waited a long time for this moment.  To close, this began a journey which has taken me to four continents serving him.  One of the churches where the journey began was West End, for which I thank them for their Christian love and support over many years.