Church has always been a big part of my life, from a toddler in a Welsh Sunday School to my move to Ebbw Vale at 11, when I went to West End where I attended three times a Sunday and at the youth club on a Friday. I did so willingly. It was part of my life.

At 15 I was asked to teach in the Sunday school where I loved my involvement. I thought it so important to share the Bible stories with them. But I think that was the sum total of my Christian experience. At 17 before I left for university I was urged to take up membership ....was this a safeguard?

In Swansea University it was my meeting with the Inter Varsity Fellowship that made me realize that here there were people who were so different. They had something special in their lives which I didn't have. They not only knew the stories of Jesus, they knew Him in a wonderfully personal way. It was at a weekend retreat on the Gower with them that I knew I had to have that same relationship with Jesus and I made a commitment to Him that I have never regretted.

Life changed, church changed, I changed. There were still problems but I knew I did not have to face them alone. In later life through troubles and tragedies I have held fast to that knowledge. How could I have faced them and got through them without Him. He is there to comfort and console, to guide and instruct, and to love and give hope to all who put their trust in Him.